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Vaughan and Dale's Excellent Adventure 2014

The 19,500 km route is marked in red and took 46 days over September and October 2014, plus a week at each end in Palo Alto / San Francisco visiting family. 34 US states were covered, plus 2 Canadian provinces and a brief trip into Mexico.


  • The red marked route has 24 regions-of-interest along the route for you to click on to view photos taken in those regions.
  • From the home page you can click on any region, but we suggest you start in the highlighted San Francisco region on this page.
  • When a region-of-interest is selected, it is highlighted on the map in red. The next region we visited is highlighted in blue for you to click on. This enables you to follow the trip's sequence.
  • Alternatively, on any page click on the blue RESET button in the top left corner to return to home page, then click to any region
  • You can start background music playing on most pages by clicking the small video in the bottom left of the page

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Typical day's driving with Vaughan (pronounced Von) at the wheel